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Best Online Order Taking and Tracking Software

Technology has evaded the sphere of restaurant management in a very positive way. Today we have technological touch to every activity that takes place under the restaurant management operation. When you are into the business of selling products and services, the two most important aspect connected to the process are order taking and order tracking.

Restaurants are included under one of those business where the effect of service component has a huge impact on the overall experience of the customer. There are many elements of customer service that forms a part of the restaurant management business. Restaurant business is not only about flavorsome gourmet meals, fancy environment and smart staff, there are many more element associated with making your restaurant business flourish, specifically in terms of customer service.

Online Order Taking Application:

online order Taking System
online order Taking System

Even in the case of an economy that is on the negative form of growth, experience is what matters to the customers the most. This could be estimated from the fact that 60% of the customers are paying more in order to receive better experience. This has resulted in 81% of the organizations operating in the area of restaurant business, which possess strong capabilities and competencies for delivering excellent customer service and have outperformed in comparison to its competitors.

The modern age customer is regarded to possess outspoken personality and doesn’t hold back in voicing out its dissatisfaction to others. In an average a dissatisfied customer will inform about an average of 9 to 15 people about the negative experience it received from a restaurant and in a way would impact their decision of not choosing the restaurant. As per one of the survey conducted on the impact of negative experience from a restaurant, it was found that around 13% of the dissatisfied customers would tell more than 20 people about their experience. This is not the exact figure and can vary depending on the situation.

These finding definitely calls for the restaurant business to implement an agile, effective and exceptional process that would lead to an exceptional customer experience. Optimization of resource utility and profitability would be the factors that would be able to provide a wow factor to the service rendered by the restaurant.

In a marketplace crowded with different types of restaurants, making a place for your restaurant and marching ahead of the competitors is an indeed challenging task. Absence of the elements of mobility and automation has led the hospitality sector face many hindrance. One of the most common example could be the customer waiting for the credit card in the course of payment processing through the central POS system. The present generation customer is technological savvy and has high expectation from every business.

online order Taking Software
Online order Taking Software

One more issue that has impacted the Restaurant management business in a major way is the manual practice involved in the process of order taking. Taking order  manually through writing followed by walking to the POS counter and re-keying the order is a very common practice and has impacted many restaurants in a major way. There are many disadvantage of taking order manually. These practices are attractive to errors, inefficient and lead to delay of serving food to the customers. These disadvantages could be add-on to situation where there is shortage of staff, delay in real time communication between waiter and kitchen which may eventually lead to delay in serving food to the customer. These kinds of delay take a more vivacious form when the customers have to be served in the pool side or in a nightclub, in a stadium or in a cocktail bar.

Mycom is an organization involved in designing and development of technological laden tools to facilitate your restaurant management business and retail management business. We have implemented a lot of time and resource in developing an online order taking and management solution, which comes as a resolution for the issues that are faced by the manual implementation in the process of order taking. Our “Online Order Taking Application” is an automated solution for the purpose of taking order which is responsible for bringing agility to the operational process along with facilitating the customers for attending to multiple customers and to their requirements.

Online Order Taking is a web application designed by MYCOM Systems to allow the customers to place order online with local restaurants & fast foods. This website allows the customers to keep accounts with them in order to make frequent order convenient. A customer will search for a favorite restaurant, choose from available items & choose delivery. Payment can be done by credit card/cash, with the restaurant returning a percentage to the online food company.

The benefit associated with Mycom’s “Online Order Taking Applicationincludes maximum utilization of restaurant staff with minimum utilization effort. The portal works seamlessly with the central server. The process is very simple where in the restaurant staff enters the order through the handheld device eliminating chances of human error and at the same time send an immediate information to the kitchen. There in an enhancement in the level of accuracy and reduction of wait time. The system has an inbuilt visual menu along with the facility of delivering food to the customers home. Some of the features that forms a part of the “Online order Tracking Application” from Mycom includes updation of menu details and listing, order details, preparation proceeding in the kitchen, composition of food, seating arrangements and the details of staff. These features makes the process of order taking and order management more easy along with helping the organization to take a leap in its level of customer service. The benefits of the Online Order Taking system are as follows:

  • Easy way to have food delivered to home.
  • No need to wait or dial up for ordering food.
  • Visually available Menu card to select from.
  • Easy maintenance of menu data through Online POS Manager.
  • Direct Order Printing to Restaurant Kitchen.

The features associated with “Online Order Taking Application” have been mentioned below:

  • An easy way of delivering food to the customers home address or delivery address.
  • Eliminates the time associated with waiting or dialing-up for the purpose of placing the order.
  • Availability of visual menu card for the purpose of selecting the meal.
  • Menu maintenance becomes easy with the help of Online POS manager.
  • Facilitates direct printing of the order to the restaurant’s kitchen.

The other features exclusive to Mycom’s online order taking system includes the feature of online order website tags accompanied with the online POS manager, the website fetches the menu data from the OPM and in-turn provides the information to the user on the website and on confirmation the order is printed to the restaurant kitchen. With so many features and facilities, the online order taking system will definitely turn out to be a boon for your business. get in touch with Mycom to get a free demonstration of for the product and making it a part of your growing business.